for sale Department store in Amman

    2139 sq Meter land(plot) | 5500 sq meter building

    JOD 12000000

    (USD 16925280)

    Property Description

    The Dabouq Avenue property offers the unique opportunity for an investor to acquire a highly attractive, newly constructed strip center. The property is situated on major arterial streets with average daily traffic. Is estimated to attract an additional residents in Dabouq and Hummar areas . There are numerous national tenants in the immediate vicinity. With this asset, an investor will capitalize on both real estate appreciation and scheduled increases in income


    .Refrence: 2013

    Dabouq considered as the most elite destination in Jordan, environmentally, demographically and commercial wise, the mix of these elements give us the chance to start Dabouq Avenue shopping center benefiting from the high purchasing power, the luxurious lifestyle, and the unique location.

    Dabouq Avenue as attached, 4000 sqm, consisting of three floors and parking floor, The avenue will have more than one attraction point  which will deliver the highest standard of services with an unforgettable experience, all services will be accommodate to our clients as Elevators, Escalators, Security, Cleaning, Cooling and Heating system, Parking,  Marketing & Advertising.

    The theme of the mall more like a boutique or furniture  mall.Since Dabouq as a location need this department store at the time, there is no limit for uniqueness in this location, taking into consideration the purchasing power for the people who live in this area and how most of them are familiar with the high end brands which help you to minimize the marketing efforts and the cost.





    .Price: 12000000

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